Q: How often should I use Lush Leaf Fertilizer?

A: Lush Leaf fertilizers are formulated to be used with regular waterings (normally about once a week). See the specific instructions on the type of fertilizer you buy.

Q: Is Lush Leaf Plant Food safe to use on vegetables and outdoor gardens?

A: Yes, our fertilizers are safe and can be used on your outdoor plants and produce, and will yield the same amazing results as your indoor plants. 

 Q: How do I use Lush Leaf Fertilizer?

A: Lush Leaf is bottled as a concentrated liquid fertilizer, and will need to be diluted into water for effective absorption into the soil and roots. Add the formula directly to your watering container and water as normal. 

Q: What are the proper dilution amounts for each fertilizer

A: For most Lush Leaf Fertilizers, mix one capful of the fertilizer to every 1/2 Gallon of water for regular watering.